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@ 西麻布新世界




and  guests、タカツキ


18:00 open 19:00 start

door 2,800 adv 2,200


Biography: 36才のデビューアルバム

HIPHOPグループSMRYTRPS(サムライトループス)の看板ラッパーは幼少の頃より横浜市鶴見在住。オリジナルメンバーとして活躍のあと、完成間際のソロアルバム"Kiseki"をリリースする事なく引退。2010"Re: El Carnaval track by DJ MURO"で復帰・メジャーデビュー。生楽器と相性の良い倍音を豊かに含んだ声とタイトなリズムのライムは「いぶし銀」との定評がある。地元ゆかりのバンド”The Soul Klaxons"と共に新たなフィールドへ歩み始める。36歳のデビューアルバム"Rhyme on the Blues"リリース。



The Main Rapper of SMRYTRPS(Samurai Troops), Japanese Hiphop Group, was grown' in Tsurumi, the eastside of YOKOHAMA-City.  He was acted as original member and riteired even his solo album was almost finished. On 2010 he retuend to the group from "Re: El Carnaval track by DJ MURO". His voice is well included haremonic tone that meets band sounds and popular to mature type of music lovers.

In age 36, he is debut to another field with his hood band "The Soul Klaxons", and finally they released their first album "Rhyme on the Blues"